Kílala Lelum Urban Indigenous Health
and Healing Cooperative


Cultural Wellness Canoe Coordinator – Dream Canoe Program (0.8 FTE)

We are seeking an individual who is passionate about promoting health and wellness equity in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) to join Kilala Lelum (KL) as a Cultural Wellness Coordinator for the Dream Canoe program. The Dream Canoe Program seeks to bring canoe teachings and programming to people in the DTES and exists as a partnership between Kilala Lelum Health Centre, the Indian Residential School Survivors’ Society (IRSSS), and Saa-ust Centre. As part of the Cultural Wellness program, which provides Elder-led cultural care to members of Kilala Lelum, the Dream Canoe reflects KL’s mandate to engage with residents of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) using a culturally-safe, trauma-informed, member-centered, and harm reduction approach. 

Job Summary:

The Cultural Wellness (CW) Canoe Coordinator (0.8 FTE) is an integral part of both the Dream Canoe program and KL’s Cultural Wellness team, working directly with Knowledge Keeper Wendall and other members of the Dream Canoe family. The Dream Canoe program’s aim is to foster connection between members of Kilala Lelum, IRSSS, and Saa-ust through shared engagement with and participation in canoe teachings, training, and programming.

The CW Canoe Coordinator will perform a range of clerical support, coordination duties, and some basic administrative and communication duties. This position will also be vital in determining the program’s direction and roll out.


Qualifications & Skills:

Working Conditions:

Supervision Provided:

This position is supervised by Knowledge Keeper Wendall with support from the Cultural Wellness Manager, the Cultural Wellness team, KL’s Knowledge Keepers and Elders, and the Indigenous Health Lead.

Additional Information:

To Apply:

Please send a resume and cover letter to lauren.leslie@uihhc.ca by Friday, March 12, 2021. Your cover letter should clearly articulate why you are interested in this role and working with Kilala Lelum, how your background is a good fit for this specific role and our organization, and your current availability and desired schedule. Incomplete applications will not be considered.