Kílala Lelum Urban Indigenous Health
and Healing Cooperative


Kílala Lelum Covid 19 Response

To Our Cherished Members and Community,

The destruction of the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing toxic drug supply crisis has been far reaching and profound. While our community has been disproportionately impacted by both unfolding public health emergencies, we have watched our community stand together demonstrating unwavering resilience and kinship.

We are proud to walk alongside and meaningfully serve our members, with a heartful reminder that our doors remain open for primary clinical and cultural care.

Please visit or call our health centre if you would like to discuss new and ongoing healthcare concerns, manage postponed medical appointments, obtain covid-19 vaccinations and boosters, or pick up rapid take home tests and naloxone kits.

We will continue to monitor public health guidance, and provide updates and necessary supports to our community as needed.

All of Our Relations,

The Kilela Lelum Collective

Links to Vaccinations

https://www.fnha.ca/what-we-do/communicable-disease-control/coronavirus/covid-19-vaccine (General Information about Covid 19 Vaccines, First Nations Health Authority)

http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/covid-19-vaccine/getting-a-vaccine (General Information about Getting a Vaccine, BC Centre for Disease Control)

https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/vaccine/register (Register for Covid-19 Vaccines, BC Government)

http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/covid-19-vaccine/vaccines-for-covid-19 (Covid-19 Vaccines, BC Centre for Disease Control)

Links to Public Health Advisories

https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/public-health-alerts (BC Public Health Alerts, Health Link)

http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/public-exposures (Covid-19 Public Exposures, BC Centre for Disease Control)

Links to Regulations

https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/info/restrictions (Covid 19 Regulations, BC Government)

Links to Post-Covid Follow Up Clinics

http://www.vch.ca/locations-services/result?res_id=1480 (Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver General Hospital)

https://www.providencehealthcare.org/covidrecoveryclinic (Providence Health Care, St Paul’s Hospital) 

https://www.fraserhealth.ca/Service-Directory/Services/Clinics/post-covid-19-recovery-clinic#.Yd9TXi-95pQ (Fraser Health, Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre Abbotsford Regional Hospital)

https://www.islandhealth.ca/ (Island Health, Royal Jubilee Hospital)

Links to Covid-19 Rapid Tests

https://www.fnha.ca/what-we-do/communicable-disease-control/coronavirus/covid-19-rapid-testing (Covid-19 Rapid Testing, First Nations Health Authority)

https://www.bcpharmacy.ca/rapid-tests/map (Rapid Antigen Test in BC Pharmacies)

Links to Harm Reduction Services

https://towardtheheart.com/ (Towards the Heart)

https://drugcheckingbc.ca/ (BC Drug Checking Services)

https://substance.uvic.ca/ (Vancouver Island Drug Checking Services)