Kílala Lelum Urban Indigenous Health
and Healing Cooperative


Housing Support Coordinator (0.8 FTE) – 19 month contract

We are seeking an individual who is passionate about promoting health and wellness equity in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) to assist the Kilala Lelum Health Centre in the role of Housing Support Coordinator. Kilala Lelum aims to provide access to decolonized primary care, Allied Health services, and Elder-led cultural care to new and existing members of the Health Centre through an outreach-based, culturally-safe, strength-based, trauma-informed, member-centered, and harm reduction approach. 

This position will split their time between the Social Navigation team (⅔) and the Reclaiming Our Spirits program (⅓). 

The Social Navigation team is comprised of Social Navigators (our reimagined version of Social Workers) who provide outreach-based, culturally-safe, trauma-informed care to members (patients) and families who are adversely affected by the social determinants of health and who experience health challenges including chronic disease, substance use, and mental illness.

Reclaiming Our Spirits (ROS) is a health promotion program for Indigenous women-identifying people who have experienced intimate partner violence. The program includes nursing support, clinical counselling, Social Navigation, Elder care, and group cultural, spiritual, and wellness-oriented programming. Both the Social Navigation team and the Reclaiming Our Spirits program have recently secured funding to provide housing-focused support and resources (funds available for members) to address houselessness and housing insecurity. The Housing Support Coordinator is a new position to support the implementation of these services.

Job Summary:

The Housing Support Coordinator (0.8 FTE) will work closely with Social Navigators and the ROS team to provide housing support services to members living in the DTES. The Housing Support Coordinator role is integral in that it helps establish therapeutic relationships with folks in the DTES in order to improve access to cultural connections and healthcare services.

The Housing Support Coordinator will co-develop Housing Plans with the Social Navigators and take charge of implementing them, which may include: physically aiding members to move homes; supporting members to set up a new home (ex: acquiring furniture and household items); supporting members to develop housing-related skills (ex: cleaning); and supporting members to prevent loss of housing (ex: pest control, neighbour/landlord relations, reducing belongings, liaising and advocacy with building staff). The Housing Support Coordinator will document their work in OSCAR EMR (Electronic Medical Records), provide verbal reports on observations to the Social Navigation team, and conduct outreach and follow-up check-ins.


Qualifications & Skills:

Working Conditions:

Supervision Provided:

This position will receive support from members of the Allied Health team, including Social Navigators and Counsellors, as well as the Primary Care Co-Leads, Administrative Co-Leads, and Executive Director.

Additional Information:

To Apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to fleurie.hunter@uihhc.ca. Your cover letter should outline your interest in the role, how your background and experience meet the requirements and make you a good fit for the role. Applications will be assessed and interviews scheduled on a rolling basis until the position is filled.